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Centralised Lubrication Systems

Single Line Resistance System (SLR)

This system can only be used with oil. The distribution of oil is controlled by 'meter units', which restrict the flow proportionally to each application point. They are used with cyclic or 'one shot' manual or automatic lubricators. The fastest flow rate is 5. Flow rates double each time.

Volumetric System (PDU/PDI)

This system can be used with oil and soft greases NLGI 000, NLGI 00. PDI injectors deliver a fixed pre-measured quantity of lubricant during each discharge cycle. The lubricator in a PDI system must build up line pressure to actuate injectors then relieve pressure to allow injectors to fully reset.

Progressive System

This system can be used with oil and greases up to NLGI 2 (3,500 PSI). Divider valves provide precise amounts of lubricant to each point and allow you to monitor the system and provide feedback.

Centralised lubication systems deliver lubricant such as oil and grease to designated points on machinery. A centralised lubrication system consists of a pump, controller and metering devices. There are various different types of centralised lubrication systems from the basic SLR to PDU, dual Line and Progressive systems.

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