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Did you know that we are UK Distributors for Interlube products and hold many in stock. Our range includes Chassis, Industrial and Tecreel Range

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Interlube Chassis

These manuals give instructions for operating, maintaining, and servicing the Interlube XGS/AC/HDI chassis lubrication system. Because of the importance of providing the correct lubricant amount to the moving parts of the equipment, read this manual to become familiar with your XGS lubrication system.


XGS Manual


AC Installation Manual


AC Service Manual


HDI Service Manual

Essential Components for Lubrication Systems

Here is our range of installation accessories and spares to complement the Interlube product ranges, including pre-filled nylon tube, bearing connections, anchor blocks, high-performance lubricants, grease guns and pump filling equipment. Interlube Systems accessories and spares will keep your vehicles at the peak of performance